TeamSpeak 101

Treehouse Killers Teamspeak Guide

Download TeamSpeak.

To connect to our TeamSpeak, you will need, a headset with a mic ( by the way players that claim to be girls, but don’t have a mic, aren’t really girls) and the free TeamSpeak client from here:

Push To Talk (Set this up First!)

Press Settings -> Options -> Capture

Then select “Push to talk” and pick the keyboard or mouse button you want to use to key your mic while in channel, test it, then select ok.  NOT using press to talk, turns you into a major nuisance to the other players and is NOT an option.

Then connect to our channel

Press  Connections -> Connect

Then under Nickname type in your, in game, name exactly as is in game, or else the automatic Team Sync won’t be able to put you in your team channel.  If you find the team Sync doesn’t work for you and the spelling is the same, try removing your clan tag from your teamspeak name. Then for server address enter:  You can now press connect and you will be in our TeamSpeak server.

Save the bookmark

After you have Connected, select Bookmarks and then Add to bookmarks. This bookmarks our TeamSpeak so that in the future you will be able to press: Bookmarks > Treehouse killers in order to connect.

Good Communication

Now let’s take a few minutes and have a look at what makes for good comms.


We have all witnessed how a team with a good squad or two can dominate a game.  A gigantic part to being in a good squad is good comm.  


To have good comm we need to focus on three things.  Clear, concise and useful.


While it sounds easy, it can be a challenge, especially when we are getting emotional about being killed too often.


Let’s take a look at what makes for clear comms.  Do you have a lot background noise while you are playing?  Is the TV on?  Music playing?  Dog barking?  Bird chirping?  Kids yelling?   Wife or Girlfriend yelling?  You yelling at wife, kids, girlfriend or dogs into a hot mic?  Are you listening to the game through speakers instead of a headset?  Is your mic old and scratchy sounding?  If you answered yes to any of these, they are all attenuators to your team having clear comms.


Next let’s take a look at concise.  I will give examples of typical verbose comm we use followed by better more concise examples.


Typical “Hey does anybody have, ammo I’m starting to run low.”

Better “Max needs ammo.”


Those of you not used to referring to yourself in the third person may find it a little odd at first, but it is a much easier message to understand than “I need ammo.”  The problem with saying “I” in  a game, is there are potentially 32 different “I’s” on your team.  Then with all the gunfire and things exploding around the potential receiver of your message, they may not be able to detect the sexy timbre of your voice and determine who you are.


While we are talking about ammo or even health for that matter, if you have it, you should practice kicking it out every time you stop to take a point until it becomes second nature.


Typical “Holey shit, Hemlock just shot the fuck out of me.”

This is both verbose and ambiguous, do you need health or revived.

Better “Max needs health” or “Max is down.”


Here is another one, you have just been killed by someone and call out their name and location.


Typical “RoadKill is at C”

I’m never sure what the desired response is to that when I hear it.  Are we all supposed to avoid “C” in hopes that he stays there and doesn’t come and kill us too?  Or, are we all supposed to stop whatever we are doing and go to “C” and kill the noob?

Better “Max is down.”


Here is one of my favorite comm fiascos.  You are the engineer gunner in a tank.

Your tank is engaged in a battle. It has taken a few hits.  You turn around and jump out behind it to repair it.  Your tank drives off leaving you standing in the open holding your repair tool and your tank without a gunner!  Not, good.


Here is a better way to handle this.  If you are the gunner and are going to jump out and repair call “Repairing.”  If you are the driver and want him to stay in the tank call, “Hold.”

If you are the driver and want your gunner to repair call, “Repair.”


Now lets spend a few minutes talking about what is useful comm.

Useful comm is information that is relevant to your team understanding the flow of the game.

If you are in split channels squad leaders should be communicating their intent to the squad members and other squad leaders.  Squad members should be mostly quiet and follow their squad leader.


Some examples of comm that are not useful and in fact hinder your teams performance by blocking or attenuating useful comm are:


Any statement that contains the word “mother.”

Any statement that contains, “hit detection.”

Any hackusations.


And in closing I would like to bring up a new option for using press to talk in teamspeak while playing.  I understand that several of you are missing one or more fingers from various farm accidents which makes using press to talk while playing, difficult beyond our ability to imagine, for those of us with 10 fingers.   You now have a new option for switching to press to talk and helping your team have cleaner comms.  NewEgg has a USB foot pedal switch that can be used for press to talk in teamspeak.

We are looking forward to having you in TeamSpeak and join our community! It is an awesome tool to use and communicate in any game. If you are having any trouble feel free to ask any member for help. If they are unable to help they will point you to someone who can.

Please don’t be an ASS. You will be kicked and/or banned. We have admins, and we don’t take bullshit lightly.

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