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    It’s been awhile, since I have gotten a new phone.
    My trusty Galaxy S5 has logged a lot of hours riding around on the front of motorcycles, giving me
    navigation instructions through google maps, playing music into my helmet and recording lap times at the track. It’s waterproof and has been with me through many adventures including a few crashes. It’s had the screen replaced, the case replaced, the battery replaced.
    It’s been a good phone.

    The first smartphone I had was the S1, which fit nicely in and was happy to ride around in a front shirt pocket. That ended when the S2 came out. It was a much bigger and nicer phone, but way too big and heavy for a shirt pocket. It and every phone since then has ended up in my left front pants pocket.

    Every new version that came out, the 3, the 4, the 5, seemed bigger and heavier than its predecessor. When I finally got the 5, I said, “That’s it, I’m never getting a bigger, heavier phone.”
    I had finally gotten fed up with the annual increase in size and weight of the brick in my left front pocket, continually trying and succeeding at pulling my pants down.

    The S5 though has been starting to show its age. It has gotten slower at loading apps, lags more when pressing buttons and locks up or has apps crashing more often. I suspect it’s a ploy by Samsung to keep us buying new phones. On top of that, I have noticed all the thin, beautiful, tech savvy people have started blipping their way past the cashiers at Starbucks and the grocery store with their phones. Hey, I’m tech savvy, I can do that too.

    I was disappointed though when I tried to install Samsung pay on my lagging S5, it was not compatible. I was being stymied by my S5 from being able to blip my way past cashiers. On top of that I had become a checkout line nuisance. While the cashier and I fumbled with cash, all the beautiful people stood in line waiting with their phones at the ready to blip on by.

    Finally the pressure of not fulfilling my social obligations in the checkout line got the best of me.
    I decided I was going to have to get a new phone. The new S8 is actually thinner and has a smaller width than the S5. Though it’s a little longer, it feels lighter and smaller in my pocket. It has a bigger sharper screen and WOW, is it fast. No button press or app lag anymore.

    Now I’m blipping my way past cashiers and even find when at Starbucks I’m putting less sugar in my coffee.


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    I love the tech and would love to be able to do that with my phone but hardly anyone has the terminals here 🙁

    Its a bit like back in the day giving a caveman a TV, hes got nowhere to plug it in :/

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